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Highscores - The ladder for any given day


AirRivals, the EU Version of Masangsofts Aceonline (former SCO), published the highscores once a day and only of the current day. It was not possible to view previous days.

Therefore, in 2012 I wrote a program that saves the data once a day, and this website to make it publicly accessible, aswell as performing deeper analysis on the data (progress/day, Nation-balance).


The first day data was recorded is the 2012-07-27, since then up to the 2016-08-24 - the day closed its gates - 1163 days are recorded. Unfortunately, mostly in the beginning, some days are missing, because the import wasn't stable. Since the 2014-01-05 every day is on record.

Methodology published 5 tables every day: level, fame, brigade_total, brigade_monthly, pvp (duels). These were copied without modification/normalization into the same schema. All processing for views is done using joins on these tables.


If you want to dig into the records yourself you are encouraged to! All historical data is directly available:

Download the MySQL Dump

Use the API as this website does (CORS is enabled):